Founder – Eva Chayet

eva_chayet_travel_la_jollaEva Chayet is globally recognized as a travel connoisseur in luxury, exotic and adventure travel. Eva has been an avid traveler since her youth; she has visited more than 100 countries, including stops on every continent besides Antarctica (although a visit is on her bucket list!). In her travels, Eva has immersed herself in the local culture, experienced distinctive adventures, and has absorbed everything that one needs to know about a destination to ensure a spectacular vacation. Eva has scaled “The Roof of Africa” Mount Kilimanjaro; slept under the stars in the red sand of Namibia; walked alongside a cheetah in Kruger, South Africa; and rung in the New Year at the world renowned New Year’s Eve Tzar’s Ball in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Based on Eva’s extensive travels, some of her top destination choices are:

For Adventure: Sacred Valley – Peru
For Stargazing: Namibia, Africa
For Local Culture: Rajastan, India
For Cuisine: Chaing Mai, Thailand
For Luxury: Capri, Italy
For Relaxation: Beaches of Hawaii

Eva founded Chayet Travel Network in 1987 to share her passion for travel with the community. The mission of Chayet Travel Network was, and is, to plan life-defining travel experiences for its clients. Eva believes that travel makes for a fulfilled life; each time we interact with worldly cultures, experience the feeling of adventure, or enjoy the world’s finest luxury we grow as human beings.

Eva has planned thousands of vacations, ranging from family Caribbean cruises to gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, and literally everything in between. Planning the perfect vacation is no simple task. The process is interactive and personalized. Eva and her team spend time with each client to understand exactly what their expectation is for their travel experience. Then, based on her personal experience, Eva will plan the ideal trip to meet the client’s desires. The trip is organized seamlessly; air travel, in country transfers, hotel accommodations along with bespoke excursions, tours and dining are all arranged for the client in excruciating detail.

One of Eva’s true passions is to organize unique travel experiences for women. Each year Eva selects an exclusive venue and plans a distinct experience for women. These journeys are typically shared with 10-25 women and the itineraries always includes interacting with local female culture as well as giving to, and spending time with, local charities with a focus on women’s issues. The annual women’s trip is a spectacular combination of luxury, adventure, and experiential travel.

Eva was born in Texas and grew up in Monterrey, Mexico; Eva is a native speaker of English and Spanish. Eva resides in La Jolla, California and serves her global roster of clients (Mexico City, New York, Miami, London, Seoul to name a few) from her La Jolla, California office.

jessica Spain

Jessica Spain

Jessica Spain brings Chayet Travel Network over 20 years of luxury travel planning experience. Shortly after graduating, Jessica moved to San Diego and started with Chayet Travel as the office assistant. She quickly fell in love with the industry and realized that this was her true calling. 20 years later, this hasn’t changed. Driven by her sense of discovery and passion for travel, she continues to help clients explore the world. Starting at such a young age in the industry has afforded Jessica with a unique understanding of the differing needs of multiple generations. She is one of the few agents to have so much experience, while under the age of 40.

Jessica is dedicated to her clients and enjoys planning personalized itineraries and experiences catered to each traveler’s individual needs and wishes. Her favorite work is when she has the opportunity to customize a step-by-step itinerary. “A good travel plan is all in the details. I design my clients’ trips as if I were taking the trip myself!” Jessica’s experience in the industry allows her to create these customized itineraries and she utilizes her vast array of product knowledge. She has continually built strong relationships with luxury product suppliers, including hoteliers, guides and luxury cruise lines. These contacts enable her to give her clients the most unique experience possible. Being able to work directly and personally with suppliers is a crucial key to how Jessica arranges perfect experiences.

Jessica is eager to create lifetime experiences. She loves helping her clients to break free from their everyday life to enjoy a rejuvenating adventure that would be the highlight of their lives. Travel and the excitement of experiencing new things is human nature and having the ability to create life-long memories for her clients is a passion of Jessica’s. “Helping my client get away to that faraway place brings me joy and happiness to my life. I get to change people’s lives on a daily basis and I could not be happier that I get the experience of helping my clients fulfill their dreams.”

Some of Jessica’s favorite destinations to prepare for clients are Spain, Italy, Thailand, East & South Africa, Cook Islands, and Central & South America.

Planning multi-generation vacations, small group vacations and destination weddings are also some of Jessica’s specialties.